Sherita is a high vibe singer songwriter!


Sherita is an independent singer songwriter who enjoys writing about higher vibrations and choosing go toward the light, even your darkest times. She is a genre hopper that likes to tell stories that keep you entertained and feed your soul. Sherita is on an incredible journey. She is connecting with communities all over the world that support sustainability and the betterment of humanity through music, education, traditional medicine and kindness.

Sherita's journey has led her from growing up in Texas under chemical plant lights in illness and poverty, to traveling the world in a healthier state, singing songs that raise peoples spirits through her high vibe music. Sherita has opened for Joan Osborn and James McMurtry and played Festivals like Big Sur Jade Fest, Earth Beat & NZ Harvest Fest. She’s played shows at The House of Blues, CBGB’s, Whiskey Agogo and other great venues across the United States & New Zealand.

After touring across the United States several times, Sherita started working on a cannabis farm in North California, which led her to getting invited to play at New Zealand’s first cannabis & hemp festival, New Zealand Harvest Festival 2019. NZHF is a joint protest and celebration of cannabis that is focused on music and education. Sherita has also interviewed the DJ’s of KMUDD and been featured on KMUD as well in prep for her journey to NZ. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NZharvetsfestival19/

Since then Sherita has been dedicated to learning all she can about cannabis, hemp and folk medicine. She’s currently traveling around New Zealand writing songs, playing shows, while spending time with the most incredible mentors while she continues her education. She will be returning to tour in America in October 2019.

Any booking inquiries should be directed to sheritaperezmusic@gmail.com

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